Welcome to The Depreciation Lands Museum


Within the museum grounds stands a faithful reproduction of the McCaslin school, an educational beacon that once graced the corner of Rt 8 and Mt Royal Blvd, where the Hampton Fields Retirement Center now stands. Built in 1885, this school was a cornerstone of learning in Hampton for over 100 years. Today, our school proudly bears the moniker “McClarren-McCully Schoolhouse,” a tribute to the families whose generosity brought this replica to life.

Within its walls, children were initiated into the realms of literacy and numeracy, with a primary focus on reading for biblical understanding and arithmetic for practical commerce. It’s a testament to the times that school attendance in Pennsylvania only became compulsory in 1895, reflecting the importance of agricultural seasons in rural life, where original school terms lasted a scant three months in the winter, later expanded to include a summer term to accommodate the agricultural demands of spring planting and fall harvesting.