Welcome to The Depreciation Lands Museum


The blacksmith stands as a cornerstone of our community, wielding the power to craft and mend essential metal goods vital to village life. From sturdy nails and hinges to indispensable farm equipment and kitchen tools, the blacksmith’s skill ensures the functionality and durability of our everyday necessities. We are immensely fortunate to count among us a blacksmith who can fashion all that we require, right here in our village.

In the days of old, boys embarked on a seven-year apprenticeship journey to master the art of blacksmithing, during which they were provided with sustenance, shelter, clothing, and education. By journey’s end, a skilled journeyman blacksmith emerged, having not only honed his craft but also crafted his own set of indispensable tools.

The legacy of our blacksmithing tradition finds its home in the forge, originally a part of Hampton HS’s industrial arts program, relocated to our museum in 1986. This dedicated building, erected in the same year, serves as a testament to the enduring importance of the blacksmith’s craft in shaping our community’s history and livelihood.