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Pop Up Sundays

Pop-Up Sundays at the Depreciation Lands Museum are a series of special events dedicated to exploring various facets of early

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McCaslin School House

The McCaslin School: A Journey into Hampton Township’s Educational Heritage Nestled within our museum grounds, the replica of the McCaslin

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Happenings and Clatter

Boiled dinner
18th Century

Step Back In Time

Rediscovering 18th-Century Boiled Dinners By Kimberly Chaffee, BA-English, PLCGS -American Records As the warmth of spring breathes new life into

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It all started with a dedicated group of volunteers in the 1970s.

Early Days

Fundraisers, School programs, and more all contributed to what you see here today.


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As an all-volunteer living museum

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How to help if you don’t want to wear the funny clothing