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Depreciation Lands Museum

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Interactive Guided Tour

-- a 2 hour program, for all ages, available on Sunday afternoons, May-Oct --

This is the perfect program for groups of all ages, especially groups with a wide range of ages and interests.

After a presentation in the Tavern about the history of the Depreciation Lands, how this area got an unusual name, and the dress of the late 18th century country person, an informative 18th century guide will take you around our village of Talley Cavey to meet and visit with our many residents and crafts folk. The Village is teaming with 18th century folks attending to their daily lives, including the blacksmith. There are plenty of hands-on activities for all ages around the village. You will even attend school in the one-room school house!

This program works well for scouts, homeschoolers, clubs, groups of friends, large families and adults. Groups of 8-15 can be accomodated.

Fees: $7 for adults, $5 for children 2-11 years

For more information and to schedule your tour
e-mail us at DLMuseum@gmail.com or call the Museum at 412-486-0563 to leave a message.

After scheduling your program, you may register on-line to pay with a credit card

***Registrations must be received within 2 weeks of scheduling your tour, and at least 2 weeks prior to your reserved date***

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