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Depreciation Lands Museum

About Us

What is the Depreciation Lands Museum?

The Depreciation Lands Museum is a vibrant Colonial era living history settlement, in an area that by 1805 was known as Talley Cavey. Created by Hampton Township community members in 1973, the non-profit museum has a mission to "preserve and interpret the history of the Depreciation Lands and Hampton Township", the museum seeks to present the lifestyle, hopes and dreams, of the early European settlers in the Depreciation Lands, which includes their interactions with the local natives.

Our facility incorporates the original Pine Creek Covenanter church building, circa 1837, and the associated cemetery. In addition, you will find the Armstrong log house, circa 1803, and many reproduction buildings, including a school, smoke house, bake oven, blacksmith shop, and barn which houses a Conestoga style wagon, mercantile and workshop.

We also boast a research library, with a significant collection of books on 18th century history, life and skills of the period. A growing collection of local genealogical data, photos and maps offer research materials for families with local roots.

The Historic buildings are open every Sunday during the summer season; the Cemetery and peaceful, shady grounds, furnished with picnic tables, are open Sunrise to Sunset every day of the year.

How are we staffed?

The Museum is staffed entirely by volunteers. We maintain this website, teach classes, mend things that break, keep our herb garden looking fantastic, and do all the office work. Then, on Sundays, we get to recreate the 18th century village of Talley Cavey and share our passion for earlier times and skills with our visitors.

Financial support for the Museum comes from visitors like you, classes we teach, memberships, generous donations and support from the Township of Hampton.

How can you help?

-- Come visit on Sundays! We love sharing with all of you! We couldn't come here every week and do the things we love without visitors! Hours of operation

-- If you like visiting, consider becoming a Volunteer!

-- Become a Member!

-- Support us with a financial or material donation (fully tax deductible, of course)

-- Do you have local family roots? Help us to improve our collection for future generations by sharing whatever you have. Please e-mail the Museum -or- call 412-486-0563 to make an appointment.

We hope to see or hear from you soon!

For more information about anything e-mail the Museum -or- call 412-486-0563

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