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Graces game

Make and Play a Game of Graces

Graces is a favorite game at the Depreciation Lands Museum. It may be played by a single player, or a group. All you need is one hoop. Each player must be supplied with 2 sticks.

To make the game:

You will need a light weight hoop, 6" to 9" in diameter. The smooth inside ring of an embroidery hoop is perfect, but lacking that, go on a treasure hunt around the house to search for any suitable hoop. You could even make one from a flexible woody twig or stem which is 2 to 3 feet long. Just overlap the ends and wrap tightly with light string to secure. Remember, the settlers had to use what they had, could find, or could make. They had no store nearby to pick up a desired item!

If you like, you can decorate your hoop by wrapping it with colorful ribbons.

Each player will need 2 smooth, straight sticks, about 1/4" to 3/8" diameter, and about a foot long. Chop sticks or dowel rods work well. While a bit short, you could even use wooden pencils !

Graces game                   Graces game

To play Graces:

Place the hoop over your 2 sticks. Cross the sticks into an X. Raise your arms to slightly toss the ring up and AT THE SAME TIME pull your hands apart to uncross the sticks. It is much easier than it sounds! With a bit of practice, you will have the hoop flying up and through the air.

The object is to catch the hoop again on your sticks, and return it flying, either to yourself, or another player.

Groups often stand in a circle and attempt to pass the hoop in a pattern between each other. You can create all sorts of variety in the game.

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