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Nine Men's Morris

Nine Men's Morris Game

"Nine Men's Morris", also known as "Mill", is a game for two players that has been played for thousands of years. It resembles the modern "Checkers", which the Settler's called "Drafts".

Draw your own Board or Print out ours.

Use any sort of colored or otherwise identifiable playing pieces for your "Men". Each player will need nine (9) "Men".

Follow the Rules below or download a copy of the Rules to print out.


  • "Man" means one of the playing pieces
  • "Station" or "Point" means one fo the places where lines meet or cross (stars or Crowns on the DLM Board shown)
  • "Mill" means three men in a line
  • "Pound" means to remove a man from the board

The Play:

  • Each player choose nine (9) men of one color or style
  • Players take turns placing one of their men on one of the Stations until all the men have been placed on the Board

    • Players try to place three of their Men in a row on a straight horizontal or vertical line (but not on a diagonal). This is called making a Mill.
    • A Mill is good for two reasons
      • When a player completes a Mill, he removes or "Pounds" one of the opponent's Men from the Board
      • A Man in a Mill can only be "Pounded" if there are no other men available to be taken.

  • Each player takes turns moving one of his Men to an empty Station. The Man can only move to a Station next to the one he occupies. The new Station must be on the same line, either horizontally or vertically.
  • When a player makes a Mill, he "Pounds" one of his opponent's men.
  • Optional rule: When a player has only three Men left, he may "Hop" or "Fly" his man to any open Station on the Board.


  • A player Wins when his opponant has only two Men left, or is blocked from making any more moves

Enjoy Playing this ancient game!

As always, if you have any questions, just e-mail the Museum
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