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Frontier Skills - Lighting a Dark Evening

Sunday, June 6, 1-4 pm

How did the settlers cope with the dark winter evenings?

Today we take light for granted, but before electricy, lighting the dark after the sun went down was a luxury. The meager light from the fire, a single small lamp or candle, or a bit of rag in a fat lamp, called a Betty Lamp, were what could be expected. Out of doors, torches or Cresents, provided some light when absolutely necessary.

Come to this year's Frontier Skills day to learn some of the long process required to create precious candles. See a variety of lanterns, candlesticks and Betty Lamps.

And, as always, you will find our village bustling with residents carrying on their everyday lives. Look in on the school, visit the blacksmith, and stop in to see what is happening in the log cabin.

There truly will be plenty for Everyone today!

Donation: $5/Adults, $3/Children, DLMA members are free

Pre-pay your Sunday Donation online before you come!

For more information e-mail the Museum or call 412-486-0563 and leave a message.

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