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Depreciation Lands Museum

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Volunteer events:

---Costume Nights: -- Resuming Thursday, June 18-- - 3rd Thursday of every month, Jan thru October, 7-9pm. Sewing, 18thc crafts, spinning, weaving, comeraderie.

---Docent Classes: Fire safety for cooking class: Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 1pm. If you are not yet a cook at DLM, please take this class and become qualified to try your hand at 18th c food preparation! Contact the museum by e-mail to register.

---Orientation for New Interpreters: Sat, June 27, 2020 - 10:00 am. Do you know someone interested in joining us in Talley Cavey? More infomation at: New Volunteers Meeting - or - Contact the Museum directly by e-mail .

---Clean-up Day & Volunteers Meeting - Sunday, July 5, 2020 beginning at 9am. Spring Clean all the buildings. Bring cleaning supplies, shop vacs, extension cords, etc. After lunch (provided), Clean up is followed in the afternoon by the All-Interpreters Meeting.

--- All-Interpreters Meeting - Sunday, July 5,2020 1:30pm. Everyone should attend.

2020 Season opens on Sunday July 12

Reference materials

--The Depreciation Lands Museum Interpreter's Guide

--Get to know your fellow Interpreters! Learn their real and "historic" names and background.

-- The Historical Sketch to Land Titles in Western Pennsylvania is an excellent, in depth article on the Depreciation Lands

-- The Museum has an extensive library for your use. You may peruse the Library Catalog online or stop in any time the office or library is open - check the Master Calendar for times.

For more information e-mail the museum - or - call 412-486-0563 and leave a message

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